Hotel Zlatibor, UziceHotel Zlatibor is the biggest hotel in Uzice.Hotel Zlatibor is in downtown of Uzice on Partizan's square. It is in administration and cultural center of the city. Hotel dominated with it's unusual and attractive appearance. Hotel offers summer gardens, cafes, restaurant and many more. It is unique place for understanding Uzice and people in Uzice.

Hotel Zlatibor is the biggest hotel in Uzice. It offers 200 beds in 148 rooms, 84 one-bed rooms, 58 two-beds rooms. Hotel offers restaurant, cafe bar, parking space, garage, business center, congress hole with 60 sits, jym, hairdresser, exchanging office.

Base on relevant parameters like location, numbers and quality of accommodation ( rooms and other), special services and distance from the nearest airport Hotel Zlatibor is categorized by 3 stars.

Hotel Zlatibor is the biggest hotel in Uzice.

Address: 149 Dimitrija Tucovica Street, Uzice
Reception phone number:+381(31) 516-188
Fax: +381(31) 513-992
Category: 3 stars
Number of rooms: 148
Capacity: 208-300 persons

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